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Christian Langeder is an Equine Soft Tissue Therapist in Melbourne Australia that specialises in the muscular care of elite performance horses.

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His journey began in 1999 when after competing for Australia in the BMX World Titles, he fractured his spine in a small club race. While he was in hospital, he decided that if he were able to walk again, he would pursue his childhood dream of working with animals. Christian couldn’t walk unaided for 6 months after his accident. It was during his rehab that he developed a fascination for physical therapies and soon became qualified in the Bowen Technique (an Australian founded technique) which he transferred first to dogs and exotic animals such as Koalas, Snakes, Swans, even Elephants. After treating a dog for thoroughbred Race trainer (Ken Keys Racing) he realised his knack for fixing horses. Shortly after he began working with Dressage rider Sylvia McLachlan and directed all his attention to performance horses.

It was a long haul both in re-establishing proper health and a new career which was far removed from where he came. For the past 18 years, Christian has specialised in performance horses, specifically Racing, Dressage and Polo where he treats for the most successful horses in all these disciplines in Australia.

He has treated horses for The Queen, Godolphin and Ellerston. He continues to treat elite horses including Olympic horses and racing Group One winners.

He has written for magazines, appeared in newspapers, TV programs around the world, he has even appeared in the 2020 award winning documentary “Listening to The Horse” where he was classified as one of the 70 most influential people working with horses in the world.

More recently aside from having over 1000 clients on his books, Christian is currently writing an online course designed to demystify “the fury puzzle”. He is now concentrating his efforts towards helping horse owners around the world understand horse soreness and guide them to their most logical next step to health. While maintaining the horses that he loves treating.

The aim of the  site is to demystify what Christian calls the “Furry Puzzle”. To narrow the gap between what horse riders, Therapists and Vets know. Creating an easy language and method so they can communicate to help horses in their time of need.

This site is created to help you check your horse and know if you can help yourself or what your most logical next step is. How to rule things out so you’re more informed as to which professional to call in. To be able to check your horse to know if the professional of choice has been helpful. Most importantly its aim is to help you be the first responder for your horse and easily articulate what is relevant to help your horse however you choose to move forward.

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